How We Work

Creating sustainable growth with an innovative digital approach.

We’re On Your Team, Leave It To Us!

We understand what it takes to run a business, as we are entrepreneurs as well. The complex world of digital marketing is not your strong point and that you’d rather someone on your team who can look after it for you. Your time is best spent on other parts of your business. Leave it to us!

Results Based Marketing

We don’t sell time, services or one-off campaigns. We partner with our clients to provide long term digital marketing that drives income. Working on a profit share means that we are fully incentivised to increase your e-commerce/digital income.

Strategy and Implementation

SEO, inbound marketing, social marketing, influencer marketing, these are just some of the facets of a long-play digital strategy. There is no silver bullet. SEO is not something you do once. Increasing your website traffic is a slow moving beast. Month by month we increase your traffic and convert those users into paying customers. Strategy first, followed by month by month implementation and iteration.

We don’t just preach it, we teach it!

We run weekend workshops for startups and businesses that want to understand the complex world of digital marketing.

content marketing

Investment Overview

Minimised risk with Retainer + Results based fees.
Bonus is x% of Gross Profit. This creates long-term partnerships, ownership, and incentive.

marketing strategy overview

Strategy Overview

We craft marketing strategies that drive high-quality prospects into the top of your sales funnel.


Your website is not going to sell itself. A successful online business needs ongoing marketing to drive traffic, as well as nurture the existing customer base.

Barry Thompson

“Momentum has fast forwarded us into the digital age. Creating new revenue streams we didn’t think possible. They are brilliant.”

– Barry Thompson,

Simon Fitwear

“The insights and knowledge Momentum have brought us has been immensely valuable. I look forward to our 2017 partnership.”

– Simon Phillips,